weekend rewind...

besides watching the Kids Choice Awards at least three times this weekend, once live and the other two reruns that I could have done without, it was a grand weekend in my neck of the woods. My Saturday morning started out with a photo shoot of this beautiful young lady who is college bound in September. It was such a fun shoot...she was up for anything and was full of energy. I really like photo shoots with teenagers, they think outside of the box and are really cooperative when I suggest we climb up walls or pose on loading docks!

Chelsea has been a dancing since she was very little, so we did some shots of her in one of her ballet costumes. We went to a pretty urban area around here and did the shoot right on the street, and it was a blast. I cant wait to finish up her pictures...

the rest of Saturday was spent with little C while Dave took big A and her cousins on a bike ride. We went to the field behind our house and went on a rock hunt and sang songs (rather loudly).

and, while we were at it, we found some sticks and waved them around to ward off the evil groundhog empire that has formed in the clearing behind our house. I have already trapped two of the little suckers and set them free. but, if they keep on coming back and digging up more of my patio, I may need to think of alternate methods. i'm just saying.

when we got back from our walk, we came across Dave and the other kiddos gathering sticks to start a fire...

and we did some serious marshmallow roasting.

have a great week :)

Unknown Mami


  1. What a fun weekend! I love your senior pictures. SO gorgeous : ) I am doing a few shoots for seniors in the next month and I am excited too! I photographed some kids going to the prom on Saturday and they were SO nervous in front of the camera. I am glad your girl was happy and up for anything. The pictures are awesome! Your baby is adorable : )

  2. Coming by from the SIMC linky party.

    Lovely photos - - - so full of life.

  3. What a great time!! I agree with you on teenagers...they are the best! They are young, beautiful and fearless when it comes to photos :) At least that has been my experience! And little C is such a doll! Love those pictures in the field as well as those roasted marshmallows!!

  4. Coming b from SIMC...
    Such gorgeous pictures! You are very talented! I'm really glad to have found your blog.

    Thank you for the comment on my blog. Have a great week!

  5. your photos and you blog are lovely!

  6. Your photos are yummier than roasted marshmallows.

  7. Oh, that second picture totally drew me in. Maybe it's because Z is so into everything ballet right now. I wonder if I will get a chance to take a similar picture of her when she's older --assuming she'll continue on with ballet. :)

    I love that third to the last shot (of C) --SO pretty!