whats everybody got against winter??

winter is my favorite time of the year...and its got me wondering why everybody gets sick of it so quickly, when I hope it lasts a bit longer.

I actually like the cold...it makes coming home even better, and sitting by a roaring fire with a glass of wine is the best way to end a day.

I like to shovel snow...I get a workout in, when I dont typically (read = rarely) workout

I love playing in the snow...it beats cabin fever and when else can you get away with chucking a snowball in someone's face and not get a beat down?

It is peaceful, still, and serene...which beats loud, busy and stressful any day.

texture from shadowhouse creations

{Happy 1st Birthday, CG!!}

Sweet Shot Day


I recently came across the little test and decided to take it for myself...
its a good thing I have other attributes that he loves me for :)


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Poor (Failure)

Take the test!

on another note, I'm doing the "joy of LOVE" with willette photography this month, which means daily lessons & daily picture taking. it'll be a challenge, but fun and hopefully motivating.
any other photography friends wanna join? here's the link....


catching air

when we were building our home, we spent a lot of time talking about the lot we wanted in our development. there were pros and cons to all of the available lots, but when we finally picked out the one we liked, the decision came down to one thing for me.

the hill in the back.

our little hill never disappoints, particularly in the winter when the sledding is good...

and even though she wiped out going over the jump, she got right back up and did it again.

over and over and over...

dad even got in on the fun...
{this photo makes me giggle}

while little C sat intently watching the fun, eating some good powdered snow

Unknown Mami



I hung out with this sweet newborn this past weekend and it got me thinking....

should we go for #3?

his tiny little feet & delicate little fingernails really had me considering it.

then he peed on his mom and I remembered how much I'm enjoying my potty trained kids.

so I think I'll stick to just hanging out with them instead of making a lifetime committment to another one, i've already got my hands full :)

{baby's big brother}


a day in the life

my light saber-yielding 3 year old on a cold winter day...

stopping just long enough to catch up on Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium while I figure out how to distract her from said light saber, in an attempt to keep myself and breakables safe.

fell for the distraction...

and had success with making Tom the Talking Cat say "Luke, I am your father".

Sweet Shot Day


i love a good sale

and the camera store in town is having a sale - $.99 8x10's. so I figured I ought to get my act together and actually start printing some of my pictures and get them up on the walls. With this sale, I can get a good portion of them printed and not have it cost me 3 months salary!

I got through 4 pictures. Then I became overwhelmed when I realized I have had exactly zero pictures printed since May. I quit this project for a while and decided that I'd be better off nursing my cold and reading a book.

the long road

Wordish Wednesday


i'm plumb tuckered out

with the rush of the holidays over, and getting kids back to school, and managing to get myself back to work, i'm just plain.old.tired.

but, here is a cheers to you all for a healthy, happy new year!!

and a white on white shot, for my first time entering a contest :)

the long road


a snuggery

i'm really starting to have a love affair with Providence. when we visit, not only do we get to hang with two of our favorite people, but we stumble across cute, chic new little places to try out. this time we hopped into this little cafe for cupcakes & coffee after dinner, and it was so good i thought i'd give it a big, unsolicited shout out...
they call it a snuggery...and it was totally that.

but, it also had a cool, urban twist to it.

just dont get the large cappucino & and espresso cupcake at 8:30 at night {you wont sleep}
and, just because i know a few folks who got hit pretty hard with snow, here's a little parting shot for you...
there was snow on the ground, i just chose to overlook it.