sweet macy

happy first birthday, i hope you have a great time celebrating with your family & friends!



i tend to be a bit verbose & sometimes the message i'm trying to convey gets lost in the words.

this weekend i was reminded how important words are, particularly the ones we choose to say and when we choose to say them.

so, to my bff, thank you for your words. as always, you had the right ones at the right time.

{isnt she beautiful?! she's gonna kick my a$$ for posting this, but i dont care}

have a great day, and head over here for more b&w photos....

the long road


sunday snapshot...

first time playing along!!!

big A and her dad were surprised with tickets to the game this weekend...it was her first time in Happy Valley and she loved the experience! i think her dad is happier, though, because he now has a guaranteed sidekick to go with him.

so, while they were out and about for the day, little C and I got to hang. we had a quiet day visiting family, finding a fun field to play in, and ending the night reading some fairytales...

have a fantastic week!!!

Ni Hao Y'all


sneak peek - M family

a beautiful august morning & three beautiful kids makes for a lively & fun photo shoot...


what i really missed

did you ever participate in a guided meditation that starts off with you going to a place in your mind that you consider to be comfortable? through the years, i have done a few of these and my 'place' is always my sofa, with a few warm blankets and 2-3 huge, comfy pillows.

i love cuddling and luckily for me, my girls love cuddling, too. winter is the best, but really, i dont discriminate against any one season and will snuggle in any time of the year. i particularly like cuddling on the sofa (with said blankets and pillows) with one or both of my girls, either reading or just chatting. now that A is getting older, our cuddling takes on more meaning, as she opens up quite a bit about what is going on in her little mind during our quiet times.

because my abdomen has been through the ringer this past week, i havent been able to pull the girls up on the sofa with me for some serious snuggling, and i have really, really missed it. dave took the girls out hiking one afternoon so i could get some rest, and came back with this photo of little C. i love it, but man,it really made me miss having those big, green, almond shaped eyes look up at me. so, sore abdomen be damned, i snatched her up and had some serious make up snuggle time with her.

and, i learned that padme and anakin are in love and that light sabers chop your head off (apparently, she's been watching $tar wars while i have been recuperating...)

happy hump day!!! head over here to check out more great b&w photos!

the definition of torture

torture noun \tor cher\, to cause or inflict agony or pain

i have been laid up for the past 4 days due to my recent surgery and in that time, have caught up on some reading and serious television time. because i have been uncomfortable and not sleeping well, i've watched, well, a lot of television at all hours of the night and day.

so, as i'm laid up, not feeling well, what do i choose to watch? anything food related on any channel other than a major network. i caught the Man Vs. Food marathon, in addition to what feels like a gazillion shows on baking - wedding cakes, cupcakes, cake challenges - you name it, i've seen it. and, it was torture. i couldnt really move, let alone get up and hit my pantry to see if i could pull together a fabulous three tiered, topsy turvy cake, so i had to sit on my sofa and drool. and feel my tummy rumble in desire.

so, yesterday, as i got a tad more mobile, i asked dave to take me grocery shopping so our kids could eat this week. i kindly asked him to take me to a store that was about 25 minutes away instead of the one 3 miles down the road - knowing good and well what was waiting for me in the bakery....

a heavenly key lime cupcake, with my name written all.over.it.

tummy rumbling desire fulfilled.



i'm all for the lazy days of summer, but boy, do i love the first day of school! i function so much better when there is structure and routine, and well, i think i've been craving it lately.

every blog i have come across with a 'back to school' post has comments about how big their kids have gotten, how its so hard to believe how quickly they've grown, how fast it all goes. and, i'm right there with everyone else. she's big, she's growing up, and it has gone by fast.

my girl was a tad anxious to start 2nd grade today, but she did great and i couldnt be a more proud momma. {and, for the record, i have no idea if that sentence is grammatically correct!}

happy hump day! head over here for more great b&w shots!