S&K sneak peek....

S&K got married last week...and it was a great event. I knew that Sheila would have all of her i's dotted and t's crossed when it came to the wedding, starting with the reception site (an historic hotel in our area) down to her slammin' dress (a little navy blue number that she looked fab.u.lous in).

when I was thinking about the photos I wanted to try to capture, black and whites were on my list. I wanted to try to capture the feel of a chic, cocktail party that was elegant (there were lots of candles...) and fun, photos that would remind them that had all of their family & friends surrounding them.

I have converted most of their raw images to black and white and have to say, that although some noise came through on some of the photos that I didnt use my flash, I love the way the feel.

wishing S&K a lifetime of happiness!


  1. They are so beautiful! I wish them a lifetime of happiness also!

  2. Beautiful photos and what a gorgeous couple! I love BW for weddings! They give such a timeless feel!