i took a bite of the big apple

....and it bit me back. for real.

Dave & I went into the city last weekend to celebrate my milestone birthday. it was a great 24 hours in NY and I felt a lot like I did when we were dating and living in the DC area...just the two of us, no real plans except to find new things and explore. we got there around 11 am and headed to soho and the village. after walking around a bit and grabbing some coffee, we did a little shopping and stopped at a bar to have a drink and some nachos. we largely repeated the pattern of walking - shopping - popping in for drinks... for the entire afternoon.

And, before I go any further, I will admit that i was a tad buzzed that afternoon. not drunk. not falling over myself (or anyone else). In control. But, yes, buzzed. The good kind of buzz when you are giddy and goofy and with your best friend, just the two of you tripping around the city streets.

It was this kind of buzz that made going through my photos of that day a total blast, because I have clear recollection of exactly what I was thinking at each click of my camera. and, it was silly and ridiculous and the reason why I had such an incredible day...and no real amazing shots. I can promise you, these photos will not be of any quality, as I was, well, buzzed :)

{thinking} why would anyone put a cat on his head? what would that guy do if the cat pooped on his head? this is utterly ridiculous.

{said to dave} that is so stupid, i must have a photo of it.

{thinking} It's a good thing I bought that ipod, even though dave thought we were spending money frivolously. Its really coming in handy now that he's trying to find out where we are.

{said to dave} It's a good thing I bought that ipod, even though you thought we were spending money frivously. Its really coming in handy now that we need a map.

We came across this group of men singing in front of Ralph Lauren. We stayed on this street corner for a while listening to them and I remember thinking that I had just seen something special. I love the look of the guy playing the bass...but I think he's giving me the finger.

{thinking} reality check

{said to dave} we really have no idea how good we have it

{thinking} that oil & vinegar store looks so cute, maybe we need some new oil or vinegar

{said to dave, after tasting several vinegars} we need the fig vinegar

{now thinking} I guess I'm doing a giveaway on the blog soon, because I'll never really use$38 fig vinegar.

{thinking} I wonder if anyone famous lives in that building. maybe joaquin phoenix? maybe he'd walk out of the door right now and i could finally cash in on my top 5 freebie

{said to dave} that building is beautiful!

{thinking} dang, I just saw on Fashion Police that colorblocking is in this year. I should take a picture of it

after spending the afternoon together, we went to our hotel to meet up with our friends who drove into the city for the night to celebrate with us (thanks E & W crews!). we ate a fantastic dinner at citrus and at one point, looked at the table and saw this...

and i decided to officially cut myself off from any and all alcohol for the remainder of the night. the time stamp on my camera said 8:13 pm.

the unfortunate thing is that even though I did this, apparently those nachos we ate earlier in the day were bad and Dave & I both woke up at 4 am...sick, achy and with the chills. We formally apologize to our dear & understanding friends D&E for the fiasco that ensued in the hotel bathroom early that morning. it could not have been fun for them.


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all about ella

the first time I met Ella, we were cool. it was cold outside, but she was little and as long as her momma was close by, she was fine with my camera all up in her face. the second time I was with Ella, we weren't so cool. It was freezing out and she wanted nothing to do with me. at all. I have a few outtakes from that session to prove it, too. so, this time, I was bound and determined to make Ella my pal for an hour or so. I decided to bring in the big guns {yellow balloons} to entice a smile or two. she was such a little ham...I had a great time playing with her, and it didnt hurt that the weather was actually nice for once :) and, not to talk smack about her dad, but we asked him to hold the balloons for a few shots and he accidentally let go of them. this is the kids reaction after we heard a little scream coming from where he was standing... thanks, Q crew, for a fun afternoon!!

Sweet Shot Day


oy vey

this is the view outside of my kitchen window this morning...
so pretty...
but, where are the flowers? where is the green? WHY IS THERE SNOW???
I love winter, but I dont think that March should be considered a winter month.

have a great day!

the long road



its been a nutty week, both at home & work.
so, i'm just popping by to say 'hi'.
we have a milestone to celebrate this weekend, and the DH & I plan (and hope!) to do it in style.
which means i have a ton of stuff to do so that we can enjoy it without any worry...

have a fantastic week!!

Sweet Shot Day



i have an older brother and remember, quite clearly, what it was like when we were little...

my brother and i fought, a lot. i remember when he would grab me and wrestle me to the ground, not unlike this:

but little Nick wasn't wrestling with his sister. he was just so happy to take his picture with her, that he wanted her to sit on his lap so he could hug her

she doesnt look too distressed, right?

Sweet Shot Day the long road



saturday was a good day.

a good night's sleep, a good cup of coffee to start the day, then off to meet this sweet little guy.

and then I got to hang out with this crazy cat at a little tea party event

she even obliged me with a photo shoot afterwards {gasp!}, but I'll have to post those pictures later because I havent even started to go through them.

happy tuesday, wednesday and rest of the week!

the long road


location, location, location

i've been off scouting out some new places for photo shoots, and i think i found some really neat spots to take folks to, which i'm excited about....i like to mix things up. now, if only some of the brown would go away and the green would bloom!

i found a covered bridge & wide open spaces...

railroad bridges and lots of new tracks to explore...abandoned warehouses, cool staircases, bright colors...

and because i'm a traditional gal, a new historical site off the beaten path...

let the spring photo season begin!!

Wordish Wednesday the long road