what a blast this sibling group was... it was a beautiful evening, in one of my favorite places to shoot, and the fact that these kids were so willing to try anything, made this shoot a total joy!

{hello, abercrombie models!!}


playing catch up

yikes. i've fallen behind...

just popping by to post some sneak peeks of recent shoots...

first up is baby cameron...who a lot of people have been waiting for, for a long time. welcome cameron! you have so many people who love and adore you, sweet baby boy.

and then there is Micah & Lily and their super sweet momma...

and last but not least, jaylin...her eyes sparkle in every single photo. i'll be posting more of her, because she comes with two younger siblings, and they totally r.o.c.k.e.d. their photo shoot.


channeling elton...

we had our annual music festival here last week, and while en route to listen to some tunes on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, we stopped at a sunglass tent and had some fun.

only appropriate that she picked out ones to honor the rocketman :)

I've been M.I.A. lately for lots of different reasons. but, my big one is that this little gall bladder of mine has been giving me lots of problems and is coming out, and in an attempt to have my body feel better in general, i've gone vegan. if anyone out there in blogland comes across this post and has any wise words or advice on going meat-free and how to realistically cut out dairy, please feel free to share... because i am craving a big, fat, juicy, greasy burger right about now (washed down with a nice glass of milk)!

happy hump day, everyone. head on over to Lisa's blog for some great b&w shots!

bethany & dave

i'm very honored to have been part of this lovely couple's special day...wishing them a lifetime of happiness, health & love.


sneak peeks

{posting sneak peeks for clients}

finishing up this wedding shoot...

so I can tackle this one...

and then start on this adorable guy & his family...


i'm noticing a trend...

with the photos i am taking of little C. more and more of them are of her looking over her shoulder.

i think this is largely because she has increased her use of 'no' and refuses to sit for me. so, i do what any good mom does - flank her, scream her name while acting like a banshee, and viola! click, and i get another over the shoulder shot. this one happens to be with a serious chocolate milk mustache!

have a great wednesday :)
click here for more great b&w shots...