senior session

i tried uploading a sneak peek of this photo to blogger last night, but it was giving me a hard time...kept on getting some error message and so I gave up! it seems to be working fine this morning...now I just dont have the time to upload them all!

i posted a sneak peek of Chelsea's photo shoot on facebook. she totally rocked the camera...and the camera absolutely loved her! you can check out a few more of her pics here if you are so inclined!

thanks for an awesome saturday morning, Chelsea!

the long road


  1. These are gorgeous and they look great in black and white. You are really talented.

  2. She's beautiful... and these photos are gorgeous.

    {I love your watermark!}

  3. Absolutely gorgeous. That first photograph is fantastic. To be honest the second one isn't too bad either. Great work!

  4. I really like the way you composed the top one. Beautiful

  5. She's so pretty! Great job on her pictures, her eyes just pop.

  6. I just noticed you watermark too. I love it!!! Perfect.

    What a great shoot. We want more!!

  7. Gorgeous shots and so perfect in BW.

    Erika B