whats the deal...

with duck tape? when I was growing up, it was silver and purely for utilitarian uses like holding together my dad's suitcase or fixing something random around the house. and, I thought it was duct tape (you know, to tape ducts), but its actually duck tape. who knew?

but now...it comes in all sorts of fancy colors and designs

and its not so utilitarian

except for the fact that I got some work done around the house while the girls created :)

Sweet Shot Day


weekend recap

this weekend was a whirlwind...spent largely in a pool with goofy kids, sangria (for the adults of course), cookouts and good old fashioned fun with family & friends.

we also had a milestone for my girl, who swam without holding her nose while underwater for the first time (i celebrate the small things around here)

we had a few giggles over her puffy goggle eyes

...and relaxed on our driveway while our neighbors tore.it.up with some serious fireworks

hope your 4th of July was fun & safe!

Sweet Shot Day