Liza & Jack

she's a disney princess expert
she wants to marry her brother because he's cute {he is....see below!}
the word "poopy" makes her break into hysterics
this gal is all right in my book

... told you he was cute!!


the ocean state - part 1

happy birthday to this fancy lady! she makes 40 look easy :)
we are so blessed to have her in our lives.


sweet baby A

thanks to her parents for giving me the honor of photographing this sweet gal!


the interview

{after learning about newspapers and reporters this week in school}

A: want to interview me?
me: sure...
A: ask me 3 questions
me: if you had a whole entire day to do whatever you wanted, what would you do?

go to all of the amusement parks in America!

happy b&w wednesday everyone! Head over to Lisa's fabulous, newly designed blog to see more b&w photos....


Lanie & Nick

(you are warned)

and stay tuned for a sneak peek of this little peanut...


this old house

the long road

I drive by this abandoned old house every day. It's on a two mile stretch of road and is surrounded by corn fields, a horse farm and several other abandoned buildings that continue to be torn down on occasion. I'm not sure why, but I always get a feeling of sadness when I drive by it...it's a beautiful old stone house and my mind wanders off to who lived there and what their story was. I suppose the feelings of sadness relate to a hope that whomever lived there considered the house a home, and a place of warmth, comfort and safety. Before I get too deep in my thoughts, though, I've arrived home with just the right amount of reflection to try my best to provide those very same things to my girls...and a better understanding of the simple four-letter word 'home'.