b&w wednesday

Its b&w Wednesday over at Lisa's blog...she is really making me look forward to Wednesdays!

Here is little C....

our old soul

her big sisters {willing} partner in crime

bed jumper. lovebug. silly goose. thomas the train enthusiast. headstrong. independent.

and so, so much more.


b&w wednesday

it's black and white wednesday over here. check it out!

There was an article in today's paper by a reporter who had gone out for the day on Monday looking for kids and families to interview about playing outside in the snow. He was having a fit because he couldnt find anyone to interview, which led to some tangent about how all kids do is sit in front of the television/ds/computer all day because their parents dont encouarge them to go outside. He obviously didnt make it to my neck of the woods, because kids have been outside playing in the snow a ton, and i took his attack on parenting a tad personally. So, I picked todays shot of my girl A outside {gasp!} , in the snow, just for him. he's a tad out of touch and really shouldnt generalize.



one of the things i have really enjoyed on this adventure is learning new things...
one of which is adding interesting finishing techniques to photos. here is one of little O (his original shot is in the post below) all dolled up with some enhancements to the color and texture to the shot. not perfect...but at least its moving in the right direction.



he was a serious subject...all boy, curious and ate up his momma and daddy loving on him :)


Love Park

These two had love exuding from their pores!!! Congratulations Dave and Bethany :)


B&W Wednesday

Head over here to check out some fabulous black and white photos...here's one I've been playing around with on our snow day