...being seven

having a seven year old is a lot like having an unmedicated schizophrenic living with you {or so i imagine, i dont actually have an unmedicated schizophrenic living with me...}

over the past few months, i've noticed a lot of different moods, attitude and well, general defiance going on with this little lady of mine. i've really been thinking about it and trying to figure it all out, and the conclusion i have come to is that it must just be hard to be seven.

she's not a little girl anymore {well, in my eyes she is, but she doesnt see it that way} and she's at a very impressionable age where she sees lots of stuff from older girls.

and she wants to do the things that she sees the older girls doing, wear the things she sees the older girls wearing, and act the way she sees the older girls are acting.

and i may be old fashioned, but thats just not flying with me. because, after all, she's only seven.

and even though learning and observing things, and trying and testing me {and her dad} is completely normal for her age, i suppose the bottom line is that i'm the one having a hard time with seven...

...because it went way too fast.

check here for more b&w wednesday photos..have a great holiday weekend!


miracle baby

this is little allison & its nothing short of a miracle that she is here with us. she was born premature (i think at something like 29 weeks) and weighed in at around 2+ pounds at the time of her birth. no wonder her super cool parents wanted to celebrate her first birthday with a big bash, and i was honored to take some shots of her special day.

happy first birthday, ally kat!


baby's got blue eyes....

meet sweet madison and her blue eyes...so blue that not one click of the mouse was made in photoshop to brighten them. pure beauty, i tell ya.

thanks for a great photo shoot...you guys were a blast :)


cute peanuts below....

this family was a ton of fun to shoot...thanks to Xavier, Lila & Sabrina for being such good sports!

i dont know if it was the time of day we met, or that we are getting close to super hot summer weather, but i was drawn to finishing some of their shots with a lighter feel to them. the end result reminds me of lemonade and popcicles {ok, i really mean sangria and chilled pinot, but i was trying to keep it kid-friendly}

a 6 year old boy & his guitar...


the bus stop

my oldest daughter was recently complaining that I didnt have as many pictures of her as compared to her little sister. when I politely pointed out that her sister is significantly more cooperative when it comes to taking photos, she agreed to do a little photo shoot to up the number of pics in her portfolio (and by that, I mean 4x6's in her photo album). so, we went out one day and started to take photos, when she looked over and saw this cool bus stop and asked to take some shots there...

she asked if she could give me a 'sassy' shot, and for other mothers of girls aged 6-8, you will understand that this was quite an easy shot to get...

happy b&w wednesday...may your hump day be relatively quiet and peaceful :)


oh pickles....

meet 4 year old Brianna, who thinks that saying 'oh pickles' is just about the funniest thing this side of the mississippi. at first, i didnt really believe her dad when he said that it cracked her up every.single.time it was said...but, luckily for me...he was right and i got a big grin each time we said it!

{these adorable piggies belong to her baby sister, Hailey}

oh, pickles!


philly photo walk

I participated in my first photo walk this past weekend, and it was an absolutely wonderful experience. I met up with about 30 other photographers in Chestnut Hill...we were divided into 3 groups and were able to work with several different models to work on our skills and, well, just have fun shooting photos with one another. I had a great time meeting other photographers and have enjoyed looking at their amazing shots, and comparing them to mine. Its very cool to have been standing beside someone, looking at the exact same thing, and having the end result be two distinct and very different photos.
There were flowers...
a groom serenading his bride...

one pretty bride...

and a baby...and a couple, who after two years of marriage is still so in love with each other that it was exuding from their pores...
another pretty bride...

who also had a sassy side to her...kids that were let loose in a toy store...{chaos!}
and interesting new toys {i love the message of these blocks}
cant wait to do it again :)