S&K sneak peek....

S&K got married last week...and it was a great event. I knew that Sheila would have all of her i's dotted and t's crossed when it came to the wedding, starting with the reception site (an historic hotel in our area) down to her slammin' dress (a little navy blue number that she looked fab.u.lous in).

when I was thinking about the photos I wanted to try to capture, black and whites were on my list. I wanted to try to capture the feel of a chic, cocktail party that was elegant (there were lots of candles...) and fun, photos that would remind them that had all of their family & friends surrounding them.

I have converted most of their raw images to black and white and have to say, that although some noise came through on some of the photos that I didnt use my flash, I love the way the feel.

wishing S&K a lifetime of happiness!


the girls.

I'm not complaining about the weather any more. Seriously, I feel like my grandmother. She always talked about the weather. over and over. I feel myself slipping into her pattern so I'm not going to do it.

I will just say that little C made the most of her {rainy} Saturday by dancing non-stop to Dirty Bit, and in the process made us laugh for the good portion of the day.
And on Sunday, we celebrated a beautiful Easter with SUNSHINE!! and WARMTH!!! yeah!

Little C and Big A were having a staring contest in the car and Big A lost after her sister blurted out "you have spots all over your face!"

those little spots are one of my favorite things about my girl...

and, because I'm not complaining about the weather, if you visit my facebook page here, you can download a freebie in celebration of the sun :)

Sweet Shot Day



it's pet week over on iheartfaces.com...go check it out for some awesome shots of our four legged, furry friends!


a little of this & a little of that

I just realized its been a week since I've last posted...oops. life gets in the way, fun gets in the way, work and cleaning get in the way and then the next thing I know, its been a week. that flew right on by. we've been enjoying watching our little sprouts grow...

I've been enjoying watching this little sprout express herself through the clothing she's been chosing lately (and when I say 'chosing' I mean that she changes whatever we put on her into something more of her liking, and, well, more colorful),

I am still dodging the weather to try and get photo shoots in. It was freezing cold the day I took Briana and her family's pictures, but you wouldnt know it with this calm and peaceful little face...

and while en route to snap some shots of this handsome little guy,

I came across a fun International Day at a local college.

This group had two large bamboo sticks that they hit on the ground while the dancers hopped over them. They looked like they were having a blast, and it put a big old smile on my face.

enjoy your week!

Sweet Shot Day



other than being obsessed with buying a new camera, things in my neck of the woods have been relatively quiet and stress free the past few days. After a week of big A being sick with strep and and ear infection, was finally feeling back to normal and we ventured out for a little girl time on Sunday. She missed most of school last week, and I think she was just happy to get out of the house and into the fresh air and warm sun. I also spent time with Kellan...who was less than amused that his mom and I were trying to get him into all sorts of little baby poses (you know, the ones where they are propped up on their elbows). He was perfectly content wrapped up in his blankets

and baring it all to feel the hot sun coming through the window.

now, back to that camera. any nikon users want to weigh in on what camera body they shoot with? I'm looking at the D700, D300s or the D7000...

Sweet Shot Day


the little green machine

big A has been sick for the majority of the week, so we have been trying to keep little C out of the house and occupied so she doesnt get sick as well.

one day after preschool, she decided to change into something a little more comfy than what she wore to school (which was very similar to what she changed into, only it matched) so she could play outside.

she came downstairs very proud of herself, because she dressed in all green...and in her little world, it was just fabulous.

She added a tutu, and became the 'green warrior princess ballerina'

i kid you not...

I cant imagine what the new neighbors (whom I haven't met yet) were thinking when they saw this little green blur running around the backyard.

three is such a fun age, and little C embraces all that is magical about it. she sings at the top of her lungs, plays pretend with a passion, and is just not one iota embarrassed or shy to do so.

she makes us giggle.

have a great week!

Unknown Mami

pictures were edited with patti brown's overlays...ethreal used on all of them


senior session

i tried uploading a sneak peek of this photo to blogger last night, but it was giving me a hard time...kept on getting some error message and so I gave up! it seems to be working fine this morning...now I just dont have the time to upload them all!

i posted a sneak peek of Chelsea's photo shoot on facebook. she totally rocked the camera...and the camera absolutely loved her! you can check out a few more of her pics here if you are so inclined!

thanks for an awesome saturday morning, Chelsea!

the long road


the seminary

I'm not much of a playground gal. I prefer wide open fields and new places to explore, and will pick this over monkey bars and plastic slides any day. dont worry, my girls arent playground-deprived, but lets just say that their dad is usually the one taking them there. someone gave me a tip on an old seminary not to far from my home, so little C and I checked it out over the weekend. it was just my cup of tea...cool buildings, lots of room to roam, things to find, and stuff to learn. she's my sidekick with these types of outings, and rarely says no if I ask her if she wants to go exploring. I cant wait to see some green on these trees, though. the brown is starting to get depressing. little C was interested in the 'snakes' on the ground, which were those pod-like things that fall from certain kinds of trees. I have no idea which trees are which, so I really have no idea what kind of trees they came from... but I did know that if you opened them up, there would be seeds in there. so we went on a hunt to find the ones that shook the best - therefore making it easier to open - and had a grand time finding the seeds (and being educated on the fact that eating them probably isnt a good idea) success! and, with each success, comes rock and roll... happy tuesday!!

Sweet Shot Day


weekend rewind...

besides watching the Kids Choice Awards at least three times this weekend, once live and the other two reruns that I could have done without, it was a grand weekend in my neck of the woods. My Saturday morning started out with a photo shoot of this beautiful young lady who is college bound in September. It was such a fun shoot...she was up for anything and was full of energy. I really like photo shoots with teenagers, they think outside of the box and are really cooperative when I suggest we climb up walls or pose on loading docks!

Chelsea has been a dancing since she was very little, so we did some shots of her in one of her ballet costumes. We went to a pretty urban area around here and did the shoot right on the street, and it was a blast. I cant wait to finish up her pictures...

the rest of Saturday was spent with little C while Dave took big A and her cousins on a bike ride. We went to the field behind our house and went on a rock hunt and sang songs (rather loudly).

and, while we were at it, we found some sticks and waved them around to ward off the evil groundhog empire that has formed in the clearing behind our house. I have already trapped two of the little suckers and set them free. but, if they keep on coming back and digging up more of my patio, I may need to think of alternate methods. i'm just saying.

when we got back from our walk, we came across Dave and the other kiddos gathering sticks to start a fire...

and we did some serious marshmallow roasting.

have a great week :)

Unknown Mami