the little green machine

big A has been sick for the majority of the week, so we have been trying to keep little C out of the house and occupied so she doesnt get sick as well.

one day after preschool, she decided to change into something a little more comfy than what she wore to school (which was very similar to what she changed into, only it matched) so she could play outside.

she came downstairs very proud of herself, because she dressed in all green...and in her little world, it was just fabulous.

She added a tutu, and became the 'green warrior princess ballerina'

i kid you not...

I cant imagine what the new neighbors (whom I haven't met yet) were thinking when they saw this little green blur running around the backyard.

three is such a fun age, and little C embraces all that is magical about it. she sings at the top of her lungs, plays pretend with a passion, and is just not one iota embarrassed or shy to do so.

she makes us giggle.

have a great week!

Unknown Mami

pictures were edited with patti brown's overlays...ethreal used on all of them


  1. Well, those new neighbors BETTER have been thinking, "She just the CUTEST thing we've ever SEEN" or I'll want to come and find out why not!

  2. She is so adorable! love her enthusiasm for life and her smile and her outfit! I think it is so fitting and if I was your neighbor, I'd be thrilled to be part of a neighborhood that had such an enchanting little girl living in it!

    (just visiting from Unknown Mami Sunday in My City :)

    hope all feel better soon and no one else gets sick!


  3. What a darling! She looks fabulous in green, for sure. I hope she's feeling much better.

  4. I can imagine the what the neighbors were thinking. They were thinking that she is awesome and indeed looked fabulous! No doubt about it.

    BTW, I have freckles and dimples.

  5. These shots are adorable! I think I love little C more and more each day! She's got some spunk that :) Love it!