i took a bite of the big apple

....and it bit me back. for real.

Dave & I went into the city last weekend to celebrate my milestone birthday. it was a great 24 hours in NY and I felt a lot like I did when we were dating and living in the DC area...just the two of us, no real plans except to find new things and explore. we got there around 11 am and headed to soho and the village. after walking around a bit and grabbing some coffee, we did a little shopping and stopped at a bar to have a drink and some nachos. we largely repeated the pattern of walking - shopping - popping in for drinks... for the entire afternoon.

And, before I go any further, I will admit that i was a tad buzzed that afternoon. not drunk. not falling over myself (or anyone else). In control. But, yes, buzzed. The good kind of buzz when you are giddy and goofy and with your best friend, just the two of you tripping around the city streets.

It was this kind of buzz that made going through my photos of that day a total blast, because I have clear recollection of exactly what I was thinking at each click of my camera. and, it was silly and ridiculous and the reason why I had such an incredible day...and no real amazing shots. I can promise you, these photos will not be of any quality, as I was, well, buzzed :)

{thinking} why would anyone put a cat on his head? what would that guy do if the cat pooped on his head? this is utterly ridiculous.

{said to dave} that is so stupid, i must have a photo of it.

{thinking} It's a good thing I bought that ipod, even though dave thought we were spending money frivolously. Its really coming in handy now that he's trying to find out where we are.

{said to dave} It's a good thing I bought that ipod, even though you thought we were spending money frivously. Its really coming in handy now that we need a map.

We came across this group of men singing in front of Ralph Lauren. We stayed on this street corner for a while listening to them and I remember thinking that I had just seen something special. I love the look of the guy playing the bass...but I think he's giving me the finger.

{thinking} reality check

{said to dave} we really have no idea how good we have it

{thinking} that oil & vinegar store looks so cute, maybe we need some new oil or vinegar

{said to dave, after tasting several vinegars} we need the fig vinegar

{now thinking} I guess I'm doing a giveaway on the blog soon, because I'll never really use$38 fig vinegar.

{thinking} I wonder if anyone famous lives in that building. maybe joaquin phoenix? maybe he'd walk out of the door right now and i could finally cash in on my top 5 freebie

{said to dave} that building is beautiful!

{thinking} dang, I just saw on Fashion Police that colorblocking is in this year. I should take a picture of it

after spending the afternoon together, we went to our hotel to meet up with our friends who drove into the city for the night to celebrate with us (thanks E & W crews!). we ate a fantastic dinner at citrus and at one point, looked at the table and saw this...

and i decided to officially cut myself off from any and all alcohol for the remainder of the night. the time stamp on my camera said 8:13 pm.

the unfortunate thing is that even though I did this, apparently those nachos we ate earlier in the day were bad and Dave & I both woke up at 4 am...sick, achy and with the chills. We formally apologize to our dear & understanding friends D&E for the fiasco that ensued in the hotel bathroom early that morning. it could not have been fun for them.


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  1. Aside from the sickness, the rest of your day sounded perfectly fabulous!
    LOVE the shots and insight into your day :)

  2. ouch.
    sorry for the bad nachos...
    but other than that... awesome trip and fun pictures!

  3. Belated birthday greetings!

    Buzzed or not, I think your photos are fab! I love the one of the musicians and the second photo from the top. =)

  4. Well happy birthday! How fun! Great photos of your adventure!

  5. Loved hearing about your day in the city!! There's so many things we take for granted when we visit (like all the peculiar cat wearing folks or the street musicians), so it's always great to see NYC from an "outsiders" perspective! Sorry to hear about the food poisoning, but it sounds like the rest of your weekend was a blast! Hope you had an AWESOME birthday!
    BTW - Spotted your iPod cover....how cool! Where did you get that? I want to get an iPad for *cough* business purposes, so a cover like that would be so cool!

  6. Sounds like a very fun day! My favorite is the first photo. Great composition and love the colors.

  7. Oh no....I was so enjoying your whole big apple day until the end. So glad you captured so much of the good parts in your camera. And hope that bad apple is long gone by now.

    Happy Birthday!!!

  8. Love these pictures and there captions! Lol.

    I once took a whole bunch of pictures in Vegas while slightly buzzed. Mine were a lot fuzzier than yours. :)

    Marla @ www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

  9. Beautiful city shots. In spite of that buzz. Looks like a fabulous day.

    Erika B

  10. I was thinking how great the weekend sounded until you both ended up sick! Always something to screw up a perfectly good time :) I know, I'm such a ray of sunshine. Great photos!