my last b&w wednesday post was about our little C, so I think its only appropriate to dedicate a post to our {no longer, not so little} A.

I snapped this shot a few weekends ago on a beautiful spring day, and when I got home and started looking through the shots, I stopped and stared at this for a good 2 minutes (thats a long time when you are staring at a picture!). I realize that she's growing up, becoming her own independent 7 year old self, but it wasnt until I was face to face with this photo that I felt how much she has grown. It was like when you havent seen someone in a really long time and you think of all the ways that person has changed since you last saw them.

first I was sad.
then I was excited - for her and her journey to come
then I was a little sad again

thats okay, right???

head over to Lisa's blog for more b&w photos...thank goodness its Wednesday and only two more days until friday!



his momma warned me he might be difficult to catch, but i think we were able to snap some keepers...and if all else fails, swing 'em upside down to get a smile!


goofy. yummy. lovey.

our little C is a ham. she makes us laugh all.the.time. those little almond shaped eyes and downturned smile get her lots of ice cream {and her mischievious grin makes her 2 am trips to our bedroom a little easier to swallow...}
Check out Lisa' blog for more b&w wednesday posts...happy hump day, peeps!


being one rocks

...and so does doing a photo shoot with this adorable little peanut {and his mom & dad}!
happy first birthday, kaine!
and a b&w conversion...


b&w wednesday

our gals. we love them. they love each other. it doesnt get any better than that.

have a great wednesday, everyone! head on over to here to see more great b&w shots!



this little guy had my game the second I met him...every time I picked up the camera, he was on the go. nonetheless, he's so darn cute & charming that running after him was fun, and his little personality shone as bright as the sun.



there is such a sense of immediacy in the word "today"
I need to go to the store, today
I have a big meeting at work, today
I have to take the kids to {you can fill in this blank!}, today.

in an attempt to slow.things.down and focus on what is really important in my life at the moment, the word 'today' has taken new shape, new focus, and new meaning.

because today is not about the here and now, the things that need to be jammed packed into one 24 hour period...
its about enjoying time.
its about waiting it out and seeing what develops
its about giving yourself to others when its not always comfortable
its about a little girl throwing rocks into the ocean for an hour...because 'today' she is 2 and she is growing fast, and this time will so quickly pass...

thanks to communal global for posing the question and making me think!