putting the kibosh on winter

i know not too long ago I was running my mouth about how much i love winter . well, we have just planned our summer vacation and i am officially changing my mind.

c'mon summer!!!

Sweet Shot Day


the sibling bond

I'm not sure how many times I need to post about my 7 - almost 8- year old's lack of appreciation for me capturing her life in pictures.

i mean, really...i would think that somewhere inside of her she'd get that I was just trying to preserve some memories of her precious childhood so that when she's older she'll have have some photos to remember her glory days. right?

so, when I started to take pictures of the girls for valentines day cards, and this was the first one I got, I was more than a tad irritated, because really, can't she just throw me a bone and smile??? maybe show her little sister some love on the most important love day of the year???

so, this time I decided i was not going to play her little reindeer games. i decided to just go with it and let them do their thing and not worry about the 'perfect shot'. this is what i tell my clients, so i figured i should follow my own advice.

after we put some tuneage on the iPod, they started to relax and have fun.

and lo and behold....look who is smiling, and even showed her sister some serious love.

the long road

Wordish Wednesday


sneak peek....

cute, eh?

and his sister is pretty darn adorable, too

when I met their mom, she had one request of our shoot, and that was to get a picture of her daughter holding up her wedding dress. you see, the dress had gotten a tad messed up at their reception (which to me is a good indicator of a fun night!) and she wanted a picture of her daughter and her dress, as she thought it would not be in any condition for her daughter to consider wearing when she got married. so, she's not saving it and wanted a memory.

we decided that instead of just holding it up to her daughter, we'd take it outside and let her run around with it on...

I know she looks adorable, but please dont call her a princess.

because even though she looks like one, she's a good old tomboy at heart.

Sweet Shot Day


freebie & happy heart day!

wishing you & your loved ones a beautiful day!

I thought I'd spread a little blog love and give out a freebie. If you'd like a copy of this photo, just follow the link HERE and its yours to download and send to someone you *heart*

Unknown Mami


wide open spaces

what to do with 2 girls on a slushy winter day...find a big open room, take a long piece of green silk, and let them run free!

{she looks enthralled, doesnt she?}

Sweet Shot Day


its heart week at i heart faces...


well, hello there

Big A relented and gave in to my request to do a photo shoot this past weekend. I bribed her with hot chocolate and fluffernutter (that delicious jarred marshmallow that I could potentially eat by the spoonful) and to my surprise, she agreed. i think i got off easy with just hot chocolate.

Its been awhile since she let me photograph her and I got a few in that I am pleased with.

and this was the shot where she let me know, without saying a word, that she was over taking pictures...

if you were hit by the storm...stay warm & safe!

the long road