my little anakin

my 3 year old loves star wars. totally loves it, bordering on obsession. and yes, i know its not entirely appropriate for a 3 year old to be watching star wars in the first place, but in my mind, star wars beats out calliou or elmo any given day. that whiny, bald little boy is like fingernails on a chalkboard.

so, when i pulled her older sisters boots out of storage for little C to wear, she almost lost her mind with excitment. when i commented on how happy she was, she said

'but mom, they are like anakin's boots!'

and, the rest is history...

Ni Hao Y'all


road trip, part 3

elizabeth gardens, hartford, ct

the beauty of this place was breathtaking. it made me want to move to CT purely for the photo ops...





road trip part 2

...somewhere in CT, not sure where because I let the GPS direct me.

a fun evening with a beautiful family. I'm glad they asked, honored they trusted me, and hope they are pleased with the results...


road trip....

part one of my road trip to CT....

simsbury, CT in the autumn....at a farm, with a vinyard, a field full of sunflowers, and two adorable girls...it was divine



when you feel like you've lost your way

when those candle lights of home burn so far away

well, you got to let your soul shine

just like my daddy used to say...

he used to say soulshine,

it's better than sunshine,

it's better than moonshine,

and it's damn sure better than the rain

The Allman Brothers

happy birthday, love, you are a joy and blessing to us.

let your soul shine :)

the long road


colby & drew

their mom is going to be in a lot of trouble in a few years when the girls start calling. a lot of trouble...


emma & brody


twice the fun
twice the joy
twice the worry of a mom
twice the work
but oh, so worth it :)

happy wednesday everyone!! head over here for some pretty fabulous b&w wednesday pics!