parker & p-dog....

this was a such fun shoot to do...her parents are absolutely divine and these sweet girls are adorable. thanks P & P for a really enjoyable evening, you rocked the lens!!

i am calling this her 'wha...what??' face...love it

this last one is my favorite shot of the whole session, and i seriously edited the raw image at least 6 different ways because i kept on getting inspired as i played around. i like this shot so much because of the composition, the curls, her expression, the gently tensed muscles around her mouth, and the fact that if you look really close, you can see her daddy reflected in her eyes...


  1. Oh my goodness, the last one is stunning! I love the expression!

    All of them are beautiful, though :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

    K xx

  2. Oh my gosh. These pictures are SO fantastic and lovely. I ADORE them! I loved meeting you in person today. It was one hundred times better than just knowing you online! Thank you for coming and for making the day so special! You are a blessing! : )

  3. I loved meeting you SO much. I can not even WAIT until Lisa's workshop! We will have so much fun!