oh pickles....

meet 4 year old Brianna, who thinks that saying 'oh pickles' is just about the funniest thing this side of the mississippi. at first, i didnt really believe her dad when he said that it cracked her up every.single.time it was said...but, luckily for me...he was right and i got a big grin each time we said it!

{these adorable piggies belong to her baby sister, Hailey}

oh, pickles!


  1. Oh my gosh, waayy to much cuteness for one post! Lovely lovely images.

    K xx

  2. The images are so beautiful..and of course I'm a little bias cause I'm their mom. But the whole experience with Mindy was wonderful. Thank you so much for capturing the spirit of my girls.

  3. Oh Pickles is the funniest thing to say ever!
    I am totally going to say that all day long! Even though I am not taking any pictures today :)