cute peanuts below....

this family was a ton of fun to shoot...thanks to Xavier, Lila & Sabrina for being such good sports!

i dont know if it was the time of day we met, or that we are getting close to super hot summer weather, but i was drawn to finishing some of their shots with a lighter feel to them. the end result reminds me of lemonade and popcicles {ok, i really mean sangria and chilled pinot, but i was trying to keep it kid-friendly}

a 6 year old boy & his guitar...


  1. Wow. I love these so much.
    So fabulous : )
    I love the lighter and happier feel of summer in the air! Perfection!

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous and not just because I know this beautiful family! The lighting and expression you captured are perfect! thanks for sharing!