Flight 93

I was asked to photograph a recent event, which was a local effort to raise money for a memorial for Flight 93, called Banding Together for Heroes Concert and Rally. Two community bands played, one from my local area and the community band from Somerset County, PA, where Flight 93 went down. It was a beautiful, touching day, filled with music and personal stories of loved ones lost on that day.
photos of the planned memorial...it looks amazing
names of loved ones lost that day...the most touching part of the day was when the director of the Somerset Community band shared that he had a piece commissioned for the event by a local composer. it gave me goose bumps. info on this grassroots effort can be found here: www.honorflight93.org

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  1. Wow. How very special. I love your pictures from the day. I can't wait to meet you on Saturday : ) So excited!