...being seven

having a seven year old is a lot like having an unmedicated schizophrenic living with you {or so i imagine, i dont actually have an unmedicated schizophrenic living with me...}

over the past few months, i've noticed a lot of different moods, attitude and well, general defiance going on with this little lady of mine. i've really been thinking about it and trying to figure it all out, and the conclusion i have come to is that it must just be hard to be seven.

she's not a little girl anymore {well, in my eyes she is, but she doesnt see it that way} and she's at a very impressionable age where she sees lots of stuff from older girls.

and she wants to do the things that she sees the older girls doing, wear the things she sees the older girls wearing, and act the way she sees the older girls are acting.

and i may be old fashioned, but thats just not flying with me. because, after all, she's only seven.

and even though learning and observing things, and trying and testing me {and her dad} is completely normal for her age, i suppose the bottom line is that i'm the one having a hard time with seven...

...because it went way too fast.

check here for more b&w wednesday photos..have a great holiday weekend!


  1. Oh man, there's an echo here. I too have a "seven" year old and, how odd, you describe her almost perfectly. Suppose this is a forwarning for times to come? Please say no!

    Love how you've captured her many "sides"!

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I love this. I mean, I don't love that you have an undiagnosed schizophrenic living with you : ) But I do love that you love her despite her diagnosis : )

    She is adorable. Kaishon totally went (and if I am honest, is STILL going through) that kind of stage.

    I went crazy. Heart you and your beautiful post!

  3. WOW! What a beautiful post! Seven...Yes! Hard age...my oldest daughter played with American Girl dolls until she was 12...She is 13 now. I look at her and see this woman peaking out looking back at me...but still she is my little girl. Keep her 7.


  4. I do remember that age with Nick....and it is not easy. Lots of changes going on for them.....and at times I don't think they understand it, so they act out. It is frustrating as parents, but just like everything else, in time, it will pass!!

    Beautiful black and whites of your gorgeous little girl!!

    Love the location:)

    Enjoy your holiday weekend~



  5. Oh Mindy - what a lovely post and the pics are so beautiful. I remember my 31 year old being 7 and oh it was a difficult age, you seem to be handling it well!