a snuggery

i'm really starting to have a love affair with Providence. when we visit, not only do we get to hang with two of our favorite people, but we stumble across cute, chic new little places to try out. this time we hopped into this little cafe for cupcakes & coffee after dinner, and it was so good i thought i'd give it a big, unsolicited shout out...
they call it a snuggery...and it was totally that.

but, it also had a cool, urban twist to it.

just dont get the large cappucino & and espresso cupcake at 8:30 at night {you wont sleep}
and, just because i know a few folks who got hit pretty hard with snow, here's a little parting shot for you...
there was snow on the ground, i just chose to overlook it.


  1. That place is the absolute cutest. I LOVE it. I could totally go for a cupcake tonight.

  2. So glad I found you - we just moved to CT 3 months ago (from GA), and Providence is not very far away! Great photos!

  3. A snuggery -how cool is that?! I love the sound of that... =)

  4. Wow!! That looks like absolute perfection! I love that name "The Snuggery" :) We have a couple of cute little coffee shops in the next town over. I should definitely consider visiting them more often!

  5. Snuggery? What a cute unit name! Looks like the prices are pretty decent too.

  6. I love that picture of the sign!