i'm plumb tuckered out

with the rush of the holidays over, and getting kids back to school, and managing to get myself back to work, i'm just plain.old.tired.

but, here is a cheers to you all for a healthy, happy new year!!

and a white on white shot, for my first time entering a contest :)

the long road


  1. I hear ya and that white on white is beautiful.

  2. I hear you on all fronts and YAY for entering a contest! I plan to do more of that this year. Then again, I plan to do a lot of things this year :o/

  3. Love both shots but that white on white is really special.

    Erika B

  4. Cheers!! Now what was in that shot glass, I wonder. Hope you find your footing soon.

    Beautiful white on white. Really nice!

  5. Happy New Year to you! Welcome to the photo competition fun!