I hung out with this sweet newborn this past weekend and it got me thinking....

should we go for #3?

his tiny little feet & delicate little fingernails really had me considering it.

then he peed on his mom and I remembered how much I'm enjoying my potty trained kids.

so I think I'll stick to just hanging out with them instead of making a lifetime committment to another one, i've already got my hands full :)

{baby's big brother}


  1. These are beautiful!! :)

    I'm the same way when I see (and smell!) babies... it makes me for a few minutes want to have #3 and then I'm reminded of all the sleepless nights and the potty training. And then I'm happy that I'm "over the hump" with my two.

  2. Adorable. Pure sweetness. You did such a great job on that delicious little one. Pure loveliness~

    I would just go CRAZY for a baby or five : ) Gary isn't convinced yet. I think he wants to wait until I am 100. Basically, I am almost that old already!

  3. Hey, how come your feed doesn't show up in my sidebar any more?

  4. Oh, but how those photos make it so tempting! Delicious!

  5. Mindy, these are BEAUTIFUL!!! Look at you working this newborn shoot! I'm so jealous! I can't wait for my sister-in-law to hurry up and have hers so I can practice too!

  6. So sweet. Gorgeous photos.

  7. Ah!! so sweet and big bro too! Awesome pictures!

  8. Such sweet photos...and yes, hanging out with newborns does that...

    then we remember.

    I have seven, so I remember a lot.

  9. So, so sweet! I just WISH I could have got my newborn to sleep like this, but no-way!