new year!!!

so long 2010....

welcome, 2011!

anyone have any good resolutions? mine are, in no particular order...

1. not go to T@rget all year. I tried this last year and made it to May (OK, maybe April), so this year I'm determined to last longer. Its a cost issue for me...i cant walk into that store and not blow $100, even if I'm going there just for popcorn and paper towels.

2. drink one bottle of good {expensive} wine each month of the year. My husband thinks this is a bunk resolution and not really a resolution at all, but I couldnt disagree more.

3. relearn to play the piano (explanation here)

4. go to church regularly, not just on holidays

5. take at least one mini vacation, sans kids, this year with the husband. I think I may have figured out where we are going, so I'm not sure this technically counts as a resolution. but, I figure until tickets are purchased and we get there, its still on the list & I can count it...

wishing you and your loved ones a fun and safe holiday & a peaceful new year...

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  1. I hope 2011 is everything you want it to be! A vacation getaway for you and your husband sounds WONDERFUL!! I also like your number two...that is my kind of resolution. I think I could keep that one:)

    Happy New Year to you and your family! Maybe we can actually get together here soon.



  2. I love that first picture. Just beautiful! Your resolutions are fantastic! I have to make some still. Very excited about your little vacation with your husband!

  3. Love the first picture and good luck with Target. I know exactly what you mean.

  4. Beautiful pictures and worthy resolutions! :)

    I haven't really thought about mine yet, but top of the list would be to be more patient and less prone to "reacting" when I'm with my children.

  5. Not shopping at Tar-jay for a whole year is torture I couldn't bare to put myself through! The rest of the resolutions sound great, especially the bottle of expensive vino a month! Maybe if I ever take that wine tasting course, can give you a few suggestions :)

  6. the target one needs to be on my list too. i seriously don't know what else i would do with myself if i didn't though. i think one of mine would be to see how much i can do without spending money and without seeming like a cheapskate either. there are so many activities and events in our area that are free of charge that i would love to get us involved in. i just really want to get out in the community and meet new people. i have met so many wonderful new people through my blog, it is now time to meet some new people in real life. :) perhaps even some of the people i have met through blogging.

  7. ha about Target - my husband has asked me to just not go there anymore period. he will go if i need something from there. :-)

    i love the first shot!
    Happy and Healthy New Year!