the city

we never seem to get to new york often enough. its one of those things where we say 'we should really go to new york" and just put it off. so, to celebrate an important milestone in our family, we took the girls for the first time and had a blast seeing the lights, hearing the noise and experiencing the adventure of new york through their view of the world.

We also met up with a shutterbug friend & I got to be on the other side of the lens while she clicked away and gently encouraged my girls to smile. When I say gently encouraged, I mean that she flashed these lollipops in front of their faces to make them smile (a girl after my own heart...)
and, my friends, I have decided that this will be my guiding mantra leading me into 2011...

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  1. I love NYC, but I especially love seeing it through someone else's eyes! There's so many things you miss or take for granted because you're there so often! I didn't realize it was the girls' first time in the city! I hope they had fun and enjoyed their lollipops! Sometimes, you have to bring out the big guns ;o)