i'm all for the lazy days of summer, but boy, do i love the first day of school! i function so much better when there is structure and routine, and well, i think i've been craving it lately.

every blog i have come across with a 'back to school' post has comments about how big their kids have gotten, how its so hard to believe how quickly they've grown, how fast it all goes. and, i'm right there with everyone else. she's big, she's growing up, and it has gone by fast.

my girl was a tad anxious to start 2nd grade today, but she did great and i couldnt be a more proud momma. {and, for the record, i have no idea if that sentence is grammatically correct!}

happy hump day! head over here for more great b&w shots!


  1. lovely photos!
    It's great to see kids so happy that first day back to school, my daughter started 5th grade today and she couldn't wait to see all her friends

  2. Happy first day of school to your daughter! What a beautiful smile she has!

  3. Well, your darling certainly looks the joyful and confident Grade twoer (not really a word but should be).

    These are such great shots. Wish her a happy second year.

  4. What a beautiful girl! Got your comment...I think I've been in the same rut - going through the motions but needing a break. It's all right, I think we all have those weeks. I hope you have a good one and feel free to join the scavenger hunt at any time. The link will be posted until tomorrow at midnight.