the definition of torture

torture noun \tor cher\, to cause or inflict agony or pain

i have been laid up for the past 4 days due to my recent surgery and in that time, have caught up on some reading and serious television time. because i have been uncomfortable and not sleeping well, i've watched, well, a lot of television at all hours of the night and day.

so, as i'm laid up, not feeling well, what do i choose to watch? anything food related on any channel other than a major network. i caught the Man Vs. Food marathon, in addition to what feels like a gazillion shows on baking - wedding cakes, cupcakes, cake challenges - you name it, i've seen it. and, it was torture. i couldnt really move, let alone get up and hit my pantry to see if i could pull together a fabulous three tiered, topsy turvy cake, so i had to sit on my sofa and drool. and feel my tummy rumble in desire.

so, yesterday, as i got a tad more mobile, i asked dave to take me grocery shopping so our kids could eat this week. i kindly asked him to take me to a store that was about 25 minutes away instead of the one 3 miles down the road - knowing good and well what was waiting for me in the bakery....

a heavenly key lime cupcake, with my name written all.over.it.

tummy rumbling desire fulfilled.

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