sunday snapshot...

first time playing along!!!

big A and her dad were surprised with tickets to the game this weekend...it was her first time in Happy Valley and she loved the experience! i think her dad is happier, though, because he now has a guaranteed sidekick to go with him.

so, while they were out and about for the day, little C and I got to hang. we had a quiet day visiting family, finding a fun field to play in, and ending the night reading some fairytales...

have a fantastic week!!!

Ni Hao Y'all


  1. That last shot is beautiful! It really caught my eye :)

    Have a happy day.

    K xx

  2. That really does sound like a fantastic weekend! I think I should get my Daddy Penn State tickets. He loves them! I am going to call him now and see if he wants some!

    LOVE the picture of her holding the ticket. You are so clever Mindy! Great idea!

  3. Sweet! Looks like everyone got to something they LOVE, which makes for a perfect weekend in my book :)
    So glad you decided to participate, hope you join in on Sunday Snapshot again soon!