Joan's 5k Run

Today was Joan's Run, the first annual 5k race in honor of my friend's, mom who passed away from the disease this year.
I was honored to have been asked to document the day in photos, and am sharing some of them here. I'm really proud of Jenn's efforts to coordinate this race and raise money for pancreatic cancer research... she put a lot of time, energy and love into this event, and she pulled if off beautifully.there was another team at the race running/walking for their friend, Jen, a young mother who is currently battling pancreatic cancer. I have a group photo of them, and the passion and love showing in their faces is truly touching.

the ladies first place winner....yay Kathy! and this is my neighbor...she doesnt know I'm posting this and I havent asked her for permission. and i dont think i'm going to. you see, i like her, i really do. she's very nice and fun to hang with, but i'm a tad miffed that after a 5k run, she is crossing the finish line with not only a smile on her face, but not a single drop of sweat to show for it! but, on a serious note....it was heartwarming to see all the people who came out for the race to support Jenn and her efforts. It was also great catching up with old friends, some who traveled from quite a distance. Should you feel compelled to support the organization that Jenn raised money for, its http://www.pancan.org/

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  1. Oh my. I don't like your neighbor either :)
    I am sure she is a gem of a girl...but NO sweat? That is just pure craziness!