location, location, location

i've been off scouting out some new places for photo shoots, and i think i found some really neat spots to take folks to, which i'm excited about....i like to mix things up. now, if only some of the brown would go away and the green would bloom!

i found a covered bridge & wide open spaces...

railroad bridges and lots of new tracks to explore...abandoned warehouses, cool staircases, bright colors...

and because i'm a traditional gal, a new historical site off the beaten path...

let the spring photo season begin!!

Wordish Wednesday the long road


  1. Your girl is so beautiful! :)

    You're so lucky to be living around such beautiful locations for photo shoots. I love that covered bridge... reminds me of The Bridges of Madison County. Lovely pics, Mindy!

  2. I am excited for you : )
    Railroad tracks used to be my favorite thing : ) and then I saw that everyone and their brother shot at railroad tracks when they are beginning. So, I decided not to shoot at tracks any more. Guess what almost every family I shot at Christmas wanted in their picture? Rail road tracks. Isn't that funny?

  3. These photos are gorgeous - you definitely found the perfect location!

  4. Wow! Score! So many of these location pictures are great even without people in them! Awesome! Looking forward to seeing more of this spot!

  5. What a great find! I can already see some great sessions taking place there! I have some places in mind too for the spring...let's just hope "business" picks up by then ;o)

  6. beautiful, i love the light in these!

  7. These captures are glorious...and what amazing finds! Really love that covered bridge.

  8. What very interesting & beautiful places & a very pretty young lady too.

  9. What a wonderful place to take pictures! Thanks for sharing :)

  10. She is SO BEAUTIFUL!! These pictures totally rock and so do the locations.......

    Hope to see you this weekend:)

    Talk soon~