i'm noticing a trend...

with the photos i am taking of little C. more and more of them are of her looking over her shoulder.

i think this is largely because she has increased her use of 'no' and refuses to sit for me. so, i do what any good mom does - flank her, scream her name while acting like a banshee, and viola! click, and i get another over the shoulder shot. this one happens to be with a serious chocolate milk mustache!

have a great wednesday :)
click here for more great b&w shots...


  1. Well, she's beautiful. I can't really see her milk mustache though.

  2. So cute! Eyes to die for! =)

  3. She looks just like her Mama. Just as cute as can be. What a doll. I'm so excited you are loving your new lens!

  4. Hmmm.....your tactic is very familiar. Whatever works right?

    Your catch lights are awesome girl. Wow!

    (And I have serious lens envy - from your previous post. Ohh..I would love a macro - my flowers are talking to me!)


  5. Love it!! They get more and more difficult as they get older, don't you think?! My nephew is three and the worst at taking pictures at the moment.I'm hoping he'll start working his way to being more cooperative in the near future :)

  6. Her eyes are gorgeous. Beautiful!

  7. This is beautiful. I do the exact same thing with my son.

  8. What gorgeous eyes and such a sweet face ~ you caught it all in one shot!