channeling elton...

we had our annual music festival here last week, and while en route to listen to some tunes on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, we stopped at a sunglass tent and had some fun.

only appropriate that she picked out ones to honor the rocketman :)

I've been M.I.A. lately for lots of different reasons. but, my big one is that this little gall bladder of mine has been giving me lots of problems and is coming out, and in an attempt to have my body feel better in general, i've gone vegan. if anyone out there in blogland comes across this post and has any wise words or advice on going meat-free and how to realistically cut out dairy, please feel free to share... because i am craving a big, fat, juicy, greasy burger right about now (washed down with a nice glass of milk)!

happy hump day, everyone. head on over to Lisa's blog for some great b&w shots!


  1. Love it! This is what life is all about ~ great giggles.


  2. Those glasses are a hoot! Love the shot.

  3. This one is great! Love the reflection in the glasses.

    Good luck on becoming vegan. I tried it for a month. Did great until I caved in (I'm a real meat lover). I bet you can find a bunch of vegan inspired blogs out there if you haven't already tried. Good luck! Please share anything you might find that works for you. I might just try it again.

    p.s. I have the best vegetarian cookbook ever... Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone (http://www.amazon.com/Vegetarian-Cooking-Everyone-Deborah-Madison/dp/0767927478/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1282136937&sr=8-1). Might want to give it a try if you enjoy cooking. Once again Good Luck!

  4. Oh no!! Sorry to hear about the gall bladder, but even more so about become vegan! Lol! JK! I grew up in a vegan household and it's a very doable diet. You gotta take care of yourself :) Your little girl is awesome with her glasses! I hope you entered this to the IHF challenge this week! It was all about sunglasses! BTW -I just visited your photography website and I love it!! Someday, I would love to have a flash site like that, but not until I get some business :o/ That's proving to be so difficult! If you don't mind my asking, how did you make the leap??

  5. Just love this fun shot!
    Sorry about the gall bladder, hope things get better sooooon!

  6. YOu just have to love that photo,
    I'm your new follower, have a lovely day!

  7. Sorry to hear about your gall bladder. I went through that pain after the birth of my first son. Ended up in the hospital where they just took it out thank goodness. I'm wishing you well!

    Cute shot. Love those sunglasses. :)

  8. She is so very cute!! Love this black and white:)

    I am so sorry that you are having issues with your gall bladder...... hope that you are feeling better very soon my friend.

    Hang in there~



  9. Good luck with the veganism. I was a vegetarian for almost 20yrs (never vegan). Vegetarian times is a great magazine. There are a lot of source out there on being vegan. You just have to be able to be able to overlook the over zealous militant animal rights activist rederick that comes along with it.

  10. I'm so sad to know you are sick : ( good luck with the new diet plan. That's awesome. I know you can do it! I don't have any good advice since I have never attempted joining that movement. Glad you had fun at the music festival.