leprechaun houses and fairies...

my girls are suckers for good old fashioned, make believe fun. when we go out and about, often our adventures take us to places where there are plenty of opportunities for hunting leprechauns and leaving presents for fairies.

so, on father's day, I found myself with 4 hours of time alone with my gals while the DH went golfing with his dad.

i knew the perfect place to take them exploring...it was an hour drive, and a place where I did a client session a few weeks ago that I kept thinking about. it did not disappoint and they found lots of little barns and sheds to call out to the leprechauns, and perfect hidden walkways to search for sleeping fairies.

little C was a tad perturbed that the leprechauns didnt answer the door...again. poor kid cant catch a break, they never seem to be home :)

but she rarely stays mad all that long and was soon hopping all around the nearby bencha few months ago, I did a client session and the little girl wore her mom's wedding dress. after Big A saw those photos, she nagged me non-stop to take mine out of the box so she could wear it. I decided against it, but came up with the second best thing...a very old, quite worn frilly dress, repurposed as a long skirt for her to run around in.

the skirt/dress is not pretty, but it served its purpose.

and then we finished off our day in eden with a picnic lunch and a trip to the mall for some new flip flops.

have a great week!

Sweet Shot Day


  1. hithere from Life with Kaishon!
    Love you pics and your blog. I'm your newest follower.


  2. Oh my goodness I love the first two shots! Looks like an amazing place for photos and hunting for fairies :)

  3. Your girls are SOOO pretty! I am sure my Z would love to play with them. Z wants to be a fairy princess when she grows up and she's forever after me to play pretend with her... with me as a fairy queen and with her being --what else? --the fairy princess. :)

  4. These are so charming!! These pictures are so timeless and beautiful! And kudos for them still loving good old fashioned fun!

  5. What a great session - I love make believe fun and I think the skirt is darling.

  6. These are wonderful. I'm sure the fairies enjoyed themselves too.

  7. That is so sweet! I love your photography!

  8. Exploring like that is the perfect way to spend a day. Beautiful photos! And a picnic lunch is a great way to end the shoot! :)

  9. Sweet and creative! Sounds like lots of fun and the photos are darling!

  10. These are amazing!! Love having adventures!