i survived!

last weekend, we went camping with our friends...who happen to be pretty experienced campers, whereas D & I are not. actually, it was my first time camping. ever.

My friend tried to prepare me for what it would be like...no running water, no plumbing, waaaaaay in the woods, sleeping upstairs on cots, locks on the windows to keep bears and other animals out, etc...

she did a great job, because it was just as I had envisioned the weekend...relaxing, fun, good outdoor air and beautiful scenery.

this was camp G&W for the weekend...Big A was her usual self...being goofy and living it up in the dirtand mastering her roasted marshmallows. her technique is amazing and she gets just the right char on those suckers. trust me, I ate a lot of them.Big P kept her creative juices flowing by impromptu painting sessionsand she fully embraced our photo scavenger hunt we did on our hike.Little C was up to her usual antics and did a lot of hanging aroundand the littlest P was a true joy to spend time with...we didnt have the easiest of starts in our relationship (bad first photo shoot w/ an unhappy one year old), but she warmed up to me and I loved hanging out with herwe ended our first night by making a welcome sign for tinkerbell (because fairies live in the woods) and the girls made a few little homes for them to bunk in overnightand super delicious s'mores and a roaring fire...
we came home filthy, dirty and smelling pretty bad, but it was a great weekend and hopefully a start to a new tradition with really great friends. and, i lived to tell about it, which makes it even better.

Unknown Mami


  1. That looks like the most wonderful weekend : ) I am so glad you could go on such a lovely adventure Mindy! LOVE the fairly sign : ) Fun. I totally want a little girl.

  2. Lovely photos, the do show what looks to be a very fun and relaxing weekend. Just my kind of weekend get away! Have a great week.

  3. Thanks for taking me along. I'd never seen a fairy bed or welcome sign before.

  4. Ok - - - that might be roughing it, but if you had a cabin, it "ain't" what I call camping. Gotta have a tent or a camper for that.

    I just LOVE the Tink banner AND the tiny wee fairy beds.