my little anakin

my 3 year old loves star wars. totally loves it, bordering on obsession. and yes, i know its not entirely appropriate for a 3 year old to be watching star wars in the first place, but in my mind, star wars beats out calliou or elmo any given day. that whiny, bald little boy is like fingernails on a chalkboard.

so, when i pulled her older sisters boots out of storage for little C to wear, she almost lost her mind with excitment. when i commented on how happy she was, she said

'but mom, they are like anakin's boots!'

and, the rest is history...

Ni Hao Y'all


  1. Love it. And, for the record, our kids all watched Star Wars and Indiana Jones way before would be considered "appropriate." What can I say? They are classics...right?

  2. SO cute! I love this picture and your daughter's sweet comment about the boots! I watched Jurassic Park when I was 3 and continued to watch it all through my childhood (it was my older sister's favorite) ;)

  3. My son probably could've handled Star Wars at an early age, but my daughter? She thought How to Tame Your Dragon was terrifying.

  4. Alaina LOVES boots and she would love your daughter's boots especially. :)

  5. The Star War references went right over my head! I don't know a thing about it, but I think it's awesome that she does :) From what I hear, it's great stuff! I'll need to take a crash course before we meet at the end of this month!

  6. Really cute! My 5 and 11 year old boys love Star Wars!