i bribe my kids

i got some new gear over the weekend that I needed to play around with, so i decided to give it the old oreo cookie test. this simply means that i give little C oreo cookies if she agrees to let me snap some shots.

she sat there for this picture, ate her cookies in four bites, and then got up and left.

i think i need to come up with a different test.


  1. Whatever you got I LOVE it! What a great picture. So pretty!

    Love your new look too. Very nice : )

    Naji is this little boy that is part of a brother and sister team : ) that I met a long time ago in the city as as their social worker. I bring one of them up to live with us in the summer. As he has aged I have gotten CRAZY!

    Hey, link this up at communal Global! They will love it : ) You will make lots of new friends!

  2. Oh my goodness. Wow. That is beautiful! I adore that expression!! Haha what a cutie.

    K xx