bits of my weekend

i've been stalking, er...i mean lurking, on this blog for quite some time. i find the writer to be quite funny and i just think that its pretty darn cool that this family moved from suburban life to living in the greatest city on the planet. i love seeing her nyc photos and all of the cool things she does...at times, i live vicariously through her!

anyway...she hosts 'bits of my weekend' every sunday, so since i had my camera out with me quite a bit this weekend, i am playing along for the first time. we were busy this weekend, but managed to make it to our local blueberry festival {hi, Lisa!}.

there were cows & little ducks, and i imagine they were very hot...

a horse pulled carousel...he looked pretty hot, too. poor guy.

local craftsmen...
and of course, blueberry pies {one of which was taken home with us and devoured in mere minutes}

and one tired little gal...

but, since it was hot, we still got in some goggle time

and i managed to plug away at some shoots...

and, these are the things i did not do this weekend:

1. shave my legs

2. cook one single dinner (yes, the kids ate, i just wasnt the one who cooked}

3. score a perfect 10 on my pool handstand. apparently, i was knocked .5 off of my score for not having my toes fully pointed, so i got a 9.5. i think this is total bunk.

4. and i did not win the weekly punch buggy contest. i swear, my daughter spots these things from 10 miles away. my arm is sore.

have a great week!


  1. You are a really wonderful mother. I thought about going to the blueberry festival for like .5 minutes. As soon as I felt that heat I was like NO FLIPPING way will I give my kids this lovely experience. : (
    Boo to me!
    You are so right about the toe point. That is TOTAL bunk. I need to come over and judge because I will totally NOT note the toes! : )

  2. Very, very nice!! Thank-you for sharing these, they are gorgeous.

    K xx :)

  3. I love your shots! I hope you enjoy the 31DBBB Challenge!

  4. Your pictures are not "measely"....they are fantastic!! It was so nice bumpiing into you and meeting the rest of your family. It was a super hot day, but it was certainly fun. Sarah crashed within minutes of getting into the car.

    LOL for the .5 points being shaved off for unpointed toes.....

    Hope that you have a great week.....looking forward to seeing you on Sunday. I wish that your schedule would have allowed you to come Saturday too!


  5. First of all, LOVE the name Freckles and Dimples!

    I bet that blueberry pie was delicious. The little ducks look so cute!

    I like that you included what you didn't get done on your weekend. Such a cute post!


  6. Nice weekend and lovely photos. Glad you've joined the Bits group.