there is such a sense of immediacy in the word "today"
I need to go to the store, today
I have a big meeting at work, today
I have to take the kids to {you can fill in this blank!}, today.

in an attempt to slow.things.down and focus on what is really important in my life at the moment, the word 'today' has taken new shape, new focus, and new meaning.

because today is not about the here and now, the things that need to be jammed packed into one 24 hour period...
its about enjoying time.
its about waiting it out and seeing what develops
its about giving yourself to others when its not always comfortable
its about a little girl throwing rocks into the ocean for an hour...because 'today' she is 2 and she is growing fast, and this time will so quickly pass...

thanks to communal global for posing the question and making me think!


  1. Beautiful post. It's so true, isn't it? They grow up way too fast and we just need to take time out to be with them. :)

    I love your shot of your little girl. :)

  2. Holy wow. What poignant words. What a perfect image. You made me pause. And think this busy evening. And I thank you for that.

    And I also thank you for taking time to enter this contest! We welcome and SO appreciate you. I am happy as a lark that I got to meet you this week! What a fun blessing!

  3. Well-said! And I love the image :)

  4. Wonderful post! And such a sweet photo...I love it all :)

  5. Well said! - Great shot... it does go SOOOO fast (from the mom of a 10 & 5 year old!)
    Thanks so much for joining in CG's TODAY. : )

  6. I love this great shot and I love that you took the time to really BE with your daughter. Wonderful!

  7. Wow. Amazing thoughts and photo.

  8. What a perfect captured moment! Beautiful picture!!

  9. Oh, such a sweet shot, you can just see her in the same picture ten years from now, fifteen, perfect