my last b&w wednesday post was about our little C, so I think its only appropriate to dedicate a post to our {no longer, not so little} A.

I snapped this shot a few weekends ago on a beautiful spring day, and when I got home and started looking through the shots, I stopped and stared at this for a good 2 minutes (thats a long time when you are staring at a picture!). I realize that she's growing up, becoming her own independent 7 year old self, but it wasnt until I was face to face with this photo that I felt how much she has grown. It was like when you havent seen someone in a really long time and you think of all the ways that person has changed since you last saw them.

first I was sad.
then I was excited - for her and her journey to come
then I was a little sad again

thats okay, right???

head over to Lisa's blog for more b&w photos...thank goodness its Wednesday and only two more days until friday!


  1. What a wonderful picture. I loved this post. Thank you for writing it.

  2. Beautiful!! It is bittersweet to see them growing up. I often find myself feeling the same way...... happy and sad at the same time!